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You need to be using an Antivirus on your computer—that much is certain. However, how do you know which Antivirus software is the best one for your needs? AVG and Avast are two of the most well-known Antivirus software programs in the world. Millions of people use these companies to help keep viruses, malware, spyware and other nasty things away from their computers and their precious data. If you want to know which option—AVG or Avast—is better for your needs, consider the following comparisons.




  • Malware protection; helps protect against Malware
  • Wi-Fi Inspector; checks WiFi network for vulnerabilities
  • Software Update Checker; checks for outdated software on your computer or other device
  • Password Vault; allows you to store passwords securely
  • Game Mode; allows Avast to run without interrupting the game experience
  • Real-time protection against email and web based threats
  • Rescue Disk; lets you remove malware that is deep-rooted on your device


  • Malware protection; protects against malware
  • File Shredder; shreds files and folders completely so they can't be recovered
  • Real-time protection against dangerous website links, attachments, and phishing

  Avast notably has many more features than AVG, which is more bare-bones protection compared to the extensive features offered by Avast.

Protection Ranking

Avast and AVG use the same signature matching technology to detect various viruses, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, malware and more. This means that both programs have similar reliable detection rates, as they use the same background to protect against these unwanted problems on your device.

User Interface


Avast has a relatively simple user interface that is easy to understand, even for people unfamiliar with protection programs such as Avast and AVG. Avast includes a simple “Scan Now” button that lets you easily begin the scanning process without having to meddle around with settings or other program utilities.


AVG is similarly simple, although it can be notably frustrating to figure out how to schedule scans with AVG at first. Once you get the hang of scheduling AVG scans, however, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Neither program has a particularly bad interface; despite the slight limitations on AVG’s clunky interface design, it is easy enough to figure out once you have used it a few times and shouldn’t be a problem for users.

Final Thoughts

Both of these programs have their benefits and disadvantages. Avast has a much wider array of features available, which makes it more appealing for people who are looking for a program that has a lot more to offer them. On the other hand, AVG only has simple protection features—which may be ideal for someone who is only interested in protecting their device against spyware, malware, viruses, Trojans and so on, without all of the added features that Avast offers.

Users who are looking for a reliable, quality antivirus program that can protect against malware, viruses and other unwanted programs on their computer or device could do well to choose either one of these options.

Abostrophy Team