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how to write a check

You are about to write your first check, and we are here to help you.  Don’t worry – We will cover everything you need know.

Let’s begin!

1. Fill In The Date

You’ll find the date section in the top right corner. Write the full date including day, month and year. In most cases, you should write the current date
check date
payee name

2. Payee Name

In the line that says “Pay to the order of“, write the name of the person/organization you are paying. Don’t ever leave it blank, cause if so and the check gets lost or stolen, anyone can deposit it.

3. Payment Amount

In the box on the right, write the amount of your payment using numbers only, including 2 decimal places. There is no need to write the dollar sign.
In order to prevent fraud, you should start writing the amount as far over to the left as you can, so there wouldn’t be enough place to write any number before.
writing amount on check
check amount

4. Payment Amount In Words

Using Capital Letters write the amount of your payment using words only. Obviously, this amount have to be equal to the numerical amount in the last step.
Regarding the cents amount, you got 2 options. The first one is to write for example ’27 cents’, while we prefer the second option that says you can use the fraction format (27/100).

5. Your Signature

Simply sign the check in the designated area on bottom right corner. Use the same signature that you used when opening the bank account.

your signature
how to write a check memo

6. Write Memo (optional)

This step is not mandatory, but helpful when you want to remind yourself what this check is about, or what did you pay for

This is it! Your check is ready to deposit. That was 6 quick steps about how to write a check properly.

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Abostrophy Team