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Congratulations! if you are reading this now that means you are about to start your keto diet plan and lose some pounds. before I reveal all the tips about what to do, eat and how to stay healthy, I want you to answer the most basic question of all 

What is Keto-Diet anyway?

As you know or not, our body is working on carbs, whenever we eat carbs the body used it for 3 main purpose: the first is for available angry for the body.

The second is for glucose storage – whenever we fast for a few hours our body will start using the glucose for available angry. and the third purpose is when we have enough carbs in our body- then we will start to create Fats.

When we change our diet to a low carb one our body will start to break fat and create keto- bodies which in turn replace the glucose that we consume from carbs- and cause us to lose fat tissue = loss weight.

so after we understand what is keto-diet we shell now go trough on the basics for a successful keto diet

1. Prepration

every big change should come with a bit preparation. first of all, prepare your environment – get rid of the forbidden food and create a list of all the keto-friendly food you can eat – then stock your house with the keto-friendly options (including some snacks for emergency).

keto diet food
keto diet planning

2. Plan Ahead

let’s face it- we are all busy people, if it’s our job, school parenting or having other obligations. for this diet to succeed we should plan ahead – and whenever I say planning ahead, I mean as much ahead as possible- this will help you to avoid the most common sentence we do all experience ” there’s nothing to eat”.

3. Size Your Meals

sometimes we are watching TV or not paying attention to the amounts of food we consume. to avoid this, measure the meals you eat the make sure you’re not overeating- if you have troubles sizing you food intake I recommend getting some standard box for a one dollar store and use them for measuring. master tip: eat next to the table without your phone, tablet or tv open and drink a glass of water half an hour prior mealtime.

keto diet meals
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4. support, support and more


it’s much way easier to have changes when we do it together. try to find yourself a close friend or a family member who wish to lose some pound to and get this car rolling together- share your successes and cheer up each other whenever needed. master tip: have troubles finding a keto-friendly buddy? there are plenty of keto-diet support groups on Facebook where you can share your experience and get some tips on the way. 

5. Going out on keto-diet

whenever food is such an issue there’s a lot of folk out there  who afraid of a night out when going whenever on keto-diet, from my experience there are a few basic things we can do to make this experience deliciously fun, first of all check the menu online and search for a meal you can eat, if needed don’t be afraid to ask for some small changes in your meal (change the fries for salad or ask without a sauce).

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6. Do What Ever Makes you Happy

Stress can affect our metabolism and therefore will affect our ketogenic diet results. make sure you get enough sleep and basically do the things that make you happy (expect of eating pizza or pasta). I recommended to fix to your daily routine some physical activity (if your not a fan try to do some walking – which is a great time to gossip too).


the keto-diet is a strict diet that can be sometimes overwhelming, plan and prepare yourself and I'm sure you will be just fine.

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Abostrophy Team