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minecraft shield

Today I want to give the honor to one of the best tools you can use when getting into trouble in Minecraft. No, We are not talking about some kind of weapon or armour – It’s the Minecraft shield. The minecraft shield is a defensive tool that can help you getting clear from other player’s attacks.

Until 2016, the only way a player could defend himself was a block of swords. The old-school players will tell that it didn’t do the work properly. Now, thanks to the shield, player can defend and not just attack.

But as you may know, not everything is perfect – when using the minecraft shield, the player’s pace will be reduced, making the player moving slower.

How To Make Minecraft Shield

Actually making your own minecraft shield is very easy, no special powers needed. Just put 6 planks in the crafting grid creating a Y-shape, then Insert an iron ingot on top of that.

It’s that easy.

mine craft shiled building
cuztomize shield

Customizing Minecraft Shield

Now that you got your shield, you can customize it using any banner you want.

 Shields cannot be repainted or washed in a cauldron. Shields have only half the resolution of banners, making patterns look slightly different. It’s important to emphasize that the shield customization does not affect its functionality.

Using Minecraft Shield

Yay! You have just built your first minecraft shield. What’s next? Let’s just wait for someone to attack us.

Or maybe you prefer to keep moving? No problem, a player can also move with the shield. Right-click with it and the player will start moving, using the shield to stop attacks coming in-front of it.

Be careful from axes, the shield won’t defend you against them.

If your shield gets damaged, pop it into an anvil with some planks for a full repair that keeps the pattern. On the battlefield, you can combine two damaged shields together, but they’ll both lose their patterns.

Abostrophy Team